Stella Nuva Corp - Professional Structural Engineering and Comprehensive Design / Build Services

Stella Nuva Corp

Stella Nuva Corp - Professional Structural Engineering and Comprehensive Design / Build Services

Stella Nuva Corp

Stella Nuva Corp. is a dynamic architectural design and consulting firm based in Vaughan, offering comprehensive design and build services to transform spaces.

Founded in 2014 by Ekaterina Tropynina, we are a leading comprehensive structural and civil engineering services provider. Our company is driven by the vision of revolutionizing the consulting experience, where engineers and architects collaborate seamlessly to offer clients a convenient one-stop solution for their projects. By integrating our expertise and streamlining processes, we ensure efficient project management and provide accurate cost estimates right from the start. With our skilled team of engineers, architects, designers, and field staff, we work in unison to deliver exceptional results.
At Stella Nuva Corp., we're more than just an engineering and architectural design company - we're a collective of professionals driven by a singular aim: making consulting accessible and transformative for projects of all scales.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is simple yet powerful: People First. Our unique culture is our competitive advantage and lies at the heart of everything we do. We are firm believers in the power of collaboration and inclusivity, and we make it a point to foster a workspace that values trust, respect, and freedom.

Our Vision

Imagination fuels us. We are visionary thinkers and innovative problem-solvers. We take pride in transforming abstract concepts into tangible realities, striking a balance between practicality and creativity. And in everything we do, we aim for sustainability. We respect our planet and incorporate eco-friendly practices wherever possible.

Our Approach

We credit our success to our cost-efficient, reworked scheme that provides top-notch solutions to our clients. Our architects, engineers, and designers come together to deliver exceptional results. Our reach spans various geographical locations, making our professional services highly accessible. We are committed to our work. We listen, learn, and engage in constructive discussions to reach conclusions and progress as a team. Transparency is a value we hold dear - we believe in keeping no secrets from each other. This, coupled with unwavering kindness and respect for one another, forms the backbone of our organizational culture.

Embrace Change

The world is constantly evolving, and so are we. Change excites us - it opens new avenues and opportunities to raise the bar. We don’t just aim high. We aim to redefine the skyline. We are committed to bold growth and continuous improvement through elevating our work, extending our reach, or encouraging consistently high performance.
Welcome to Stella Nuva Corp., where we reimagine possibilities and architect dreams.

Personal Bio

Ekaterina Tropynina is a passionate and innovative professional structural engineer with a strong background in architectural design. Holding a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a registered professional engineer in Ontario, Ekaterina brings a wealth of expertise to the construction field. With extensive experience managing projects in Canada and the USA, she excels in delivering projects on time and within budget. Ekaterina's commitment to excellent client relationships and effective communication ensures a smooth and successful project experience. Her specialization includes architectural design, steel and reinforced concrete structure, concrete forming design, building envelope design, and rehabilitation. As a licensed professional engineer in Ontario, Ekaterina combines her technical knowledge and business acumen to develop new ideas and solutions for clients.

Our Mission

Excel & Love Your Project
Our mission at Stella Nuva Corp. is to excel in every project we undertake, infusing it with passion and professionalism. As we evolve with the world, we remain committed to making consulting accessible and fair, opening up a realm of possibilities for construction projects of all scales.

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Stella Nuva Corp. is an engineering and architectural design company that serves clients across Vaughan, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, Barrie, and Mississauga.